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  • Sale! Vapor Chief “Single” Commercial 75 PSI Steam Cleaner

    Vapor Chief Single Commercial 65 PSI Steam Cleaner

    5 out of 5
    $ 699.00 $ 499.00
  • Sale! IMG_0300

    Vapor Chief 125 Car Wash Industrial steam cleaner

    $ 2,699.00 $ 2,199.00
  • Sale! Vapor Chief “Single” Commercial 75 PSI Steam Cleaner

    Vapor Chief “Single” Commercial 75 PSI Steam Cleaner

    5 out of 5
    $ 1,099.00 $ 649.00
  • Sale! Vapor Chief Commercial Refill Steam Cleaner 100 PSI

    Vapor Chief 100 PSI Commercial Refill Steam Cleaner

    $ 1,699.00 $ 1,299.00

Competitor Comparisons- See how we stack up

Any Vapor Chief vs. ANYONE else


vapor chief single pro 75 vs. VX5000


Vapor Chief Refill 100 PSI vs. Other Refill Steamers


Vapor Chief 125 injection vs. Optima Steam Cleaner


Vapor Chief 125 Injection vs. Vapor Rino


Vapor chief Single pro 75 vs. Dupray One Plus or Tosca


Vapor chief refill 100 PSI vs. Dupray Hill Injection


Vapor chief single pro 75 vs. Daimer Kleenjet 200S

We would like to introduce you to the Vapor Chief line of commercial steam cleaners. Vapor Chief steam cleaners have innovative heating elements, boiler designs, and commercial parts designed to LAST! They may look similar to other steam cleaners, but the performance, reliability, and service are a cut above all the others. All Vapor Chief steam cleaners are approved for use in North America. Why is this a big deal? Many steam cleaners are not created equal. Every Vapor Chief steam cleaner is made and manufactured in Italy where only the finest machines are produced. Beware of knock offs and beware of artificially cheap prices.

Truly made in Italy

Our steam cleaners are Truly made in Italy! Are the others you are looking at the same? click here for the TRUE facts.
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Steamers vs. Extractors

Like a heavyweight fight, or a big game between 2 top notch teams, there will be “fans” of both sides.
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Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy a commercial steam cleaner from us? 11 reasons why.
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Car Wash Steamer

We have the steamers especially designed to meet the needs of Car Wash Owners.
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What Our Customers are Saying

“Works as advertised. This is a powerful machine in a compact body. I researched everything and this was the best price as well. Kleen Car seems to know steam cleaners inside and out.”

“As good as this steam cleaner is, the customer service is even better. We had a slight issue with a leaky oring. Kevin knew where it was located, instructed us how to fix it, and got us the part immediately with almost zero down time. Its run all day long and does exactly what is asked of it.”

“I actually wanted the more powerful and industrial car wash steam cleaner. After Kevin asked me a bunch of questions on how i would be using it, he informed me that i only needed the 100 PSI model. I saved a bunch of money and its more than powerful enough. He knows more about steam cleaners than any of the other companies i spoke with. They were salesman. He is a technician. There was no question that he did not have a lengthy answer for. i am sure the other models are as good as the one i purchased.”

“Our car dealership details 10-12 used cars per day. We have had other “so-called” commercial steam cleaners that either could not do the job or broke all the time. Kevin builds a machine that has held up, performs exceedingly well, and costs us less money than all of the others we have had.”

Are You "Steamed"

by all the steam cleaner companies claiming they have the “best” vapor steam cleaners? Do they confuse you about what steam machines can be used for? Well…..we have your steam cleaning solution! Nobody knows steam better than we do! We not only sell steamers, but we helped develop them. We know the technology, we build them, repair them and carry all the parts! Feel confident in your purchase. Please feel free to call and we will discuss all your needs.
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We designed our Steam Cleaner Finance Program to help people out who may not have all the money right now to spend on equipment.
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